Focus on marketing and promoting the team, creating and maintaining the budget, and managing competition documentation.

Current Projects

Information coming soon

Current Members

Nathan Sodini

Destiny Bullard

Andrew Kleehammer


Design, fabricate, and test the chassis, brakes, steering, and other related subsystems of the car.

Current Projects

Information coming soon

Current Members

Mitchell Patterson

Alonso Garcia

Josh Golimbieski

Landon Kohtz

Sudhanshu Narkhede

Joe Remschak

Tej Bergin

Connor Gilbreath

John Herr

Rudi Miller

Lukas Pyryt

Brendan Rzeppa

Zarvan Chinoy

Cheyenne Goff

Tony Koerner

Ben Mulder

Luke Quilliams

Jacob Sobiech


Design and fabricate the ergonomics of the cockpit, body, and aerodynamics.

Current Projects

Drag Reduction System (DRS) | Unsprung Aero | Mold and Layup Process | Front Wing elements in bending |Seat | Steering Wheel | Hybrid Monocoque | Curing Oven

Current Members

Matthew Ruterbusch

Jacob Evans

Alton Proctor

Destiny Bullard

Evan Franzel

Cade Engen

Brooke Luepnitz

Brandon Wavrunek

Electrical and Controls

Design and fabricate the power delivery, controls, and data acquisition systems for the car.

Current Projects

Accumulator (Battery Pack) for the E-276 | Setting up motor controls for E-276 | Electronic Throttle for F-317 | Drag Reduction system or DRS (active-aero) for F-317 | Electronic Limited slip differential controls for F-317 | Setting up DAQ for vehicle data collection

Current Members

Ben Baize

TJ Harikkala

Jayson Fitzpatrick

Randal McDowell


Focus on adapting and developing an engine, transmission, and drivetrain package for the purpose of racing.

Current Projects

Information coming soon

Current Members

Alex Czarnecki

Jeremy Burby

Evan Dalgord

Cesar Nakasone

Tyler Radavich

Paycee Assenmacher

Jayden Clark

Hunter Freitag

Daniel Niemeier

Brian Ruch

Adam Zyrowski

Ben Bolduc

Jon Corey

Oliver Hazewinkel

Robby Pause

Adam Tutak