AMS Fundraising

Attention all friends, family, alumni, sponsors, and all other fans of MTU Racing! We are raising funds with the other Advanced Motorsports teams here at MTU to help us maintain our shared trucks and trailers, and we need your help!

The school owns two heavy duty trucks and gooseneck trailers that are shared between the four AMS teams (Formula, Baja, Clean Snowmobile, and Supermileage), being used for traveling between testing sites, SAE events, and team competitions. The teams are responsible for fronting the costs to keep these rigs in good shape, however recently the bills of repairs have been exceeding the funds we have set aside for this maintenance. One of our trucks is in the shop with a totaled rear differential and a transmission in need of a rebuild, and our trailers have a long list of repairs that need to be done before our students can take them to competition in the coming months. These repairs include items such as faulty trailer brakes and lights, peeling non-slip mats, and a failed trailer jack among other items.

Each of the four AMS teams is participating in a separate crowdfunding campaign through MTU’s Superior Ideas site, with the team which raises the most funding getting a bonus to help them succeed in their build cycle. We’d greatly appreciate your support through a donation to help us get these vehicles back on the road, since these trucks and trailers are a hugely important part of our program and vital to our continuing success in the Formula SAE series.

Here’s a link to the full write-up and donation page (link in bio):

Thank you all for following our team and supporting us throughout our journeys as developing engineers and racing enthusiasts.