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Interested in Joining MTU FSAE?

To apply, please email the team advisor, Dr. James DeClerck, with subject line “FSAE Team Application” and the following information:

-Your name, major, and M number

-The number of remaining semesters you have at MTU

-Why you are interested in the team

-A resume

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where are the general team meetings?

  • Team meetings are on Tuesdays from 7-8pm and are held in the Ford Conference Suite near the entrance of the Advanced Technology Development Complex (ATDC). This is the building right across from the Mineral Museum (same parking lot) and near Garnet St.

What is the time commitment?​

  • The minimum required “shop hours” are 5 hours per week of non-capstone members, or 10 hours per week for senior capstone members. In order to get the most out of your enterprise experience, however, it is strongly recommended that members put in more than the required hours.

If accepted, how do I register for an enterprise?

  • After applying, accepted members will receive an electronic form to complete allowing automatic enrollment in the correct course.

What if I’m not accepted?

  • Don’t worry! Our general meetings (listed above) are open to all MTU students, and some project work can be awarded without being a team member. This will allow you to get your name out and and potentially be accepted the following semester.

What are leadership opportunities are available?

  • There are multiple executive positions available (listed on “The Team” page). There are also multiple managerial positions within the sub teams.

​How do I join a subteam?

  • Talk to the leader of the subteam you would like to join, the Team President, or the Chief Engineer.

What majors is FSAE looking for?

  • Open to all majors but specifically ME, EE, MET, EET, STC, BA, and BEM

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