MTU Team



Max Urquhart

4th Year Electrical Engineering Student

Chief Engineer

Colin Johnson

3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student

Business Manager

Nathan Sodini

2nd Year Engineering Management Student

Chassis Team Leader

Mitchell Patterson

2nd Year Mechanical Engineering Student

Electrical & Controls Team Lead

Ben Baize

5th Year Electrical & Computer Engineering Student

Composites Team Lead

Matthew Ruterbusch

3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student

Powertrain Team Lead

Alex Czarnecki

4th Year Mechanical Engineering Student

Team Advisor

James DeClerck

Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics



Design, fabricate, and test the chassis, brakes, steering, and other related subsystems of the car.


Focus on adapting and developing an engine, transmission, and drivetrain package for the purpose of racing.

Electrical and Controls

Design and fabricate the power delivery, controls, and data acquisition systems for the car.


Design and fabricate the ergonomics of the cockpit, body, and aerodynamics.


Focus on marketing and promoting the team, creating and maintaining the budget, and managing competition documentation.